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Our Currency converter is very easy to use. As you reach our currency converter page, you can simply input the right amount into the "enter amount" field. You're allowed to put any amount with two decimal digits. Next, you're required to fill the initial currency "FROM" field and converted currency "TO" field. As you complete the filling, click the button "Convert Currency" and you will see the result of your currency conversion. You can convert any currencies through our website for free anytime and anywhere.
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Currency Table From 1.00 USD

Last update was on November 17, 2018, 12:01 am

United Arab Emirates Dirham : 3.673042

Afghan Afghani : 56.177504

Albanian Lek : 109.150403

Armenian Dram : 485.720403

Netherlands Antillean Guilder : 1.77525

Angolan Kwanza : 310.293504

Argentine Peso : 35.920402

Australian Dollar : 1.36275

Aruban Florin : 1.8005

Azerbaijani Manat : 1.702504

Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark : 1.726504

Barbadian Dollar : 1.99645

Bangladeshi Taka : 83.707041

Bulgarian Lev : 1.712704

Bahraini Dinar : 0.377015

Burundian Franc : 1816

Bermudan Dollar : 1

Brunei Dollar : 1.380104

Bolivian Boliviano : 6.91105

Brazilian Real : 3.743604

Bahamian Dollar : 0.9982

Bitcoin : 0.000183

Bhutanese Ngultrum : 71.842845

Botswanan Pula : 10.686041

New Belarusian Ruble : 2.113104

Belarusian Ruble : 19600

Belize Dollar : 2.01595

Canadian Dollar : 1.31485

Congolese Franc : 1611.000362

Swiss Franc : 0.999855

Chilean Unit of Account (UF) : 0.025048

Chilean Peso : 669.903912

Chinese Yuan : 6.938041

Colombian Peso : 3168.35

Costa Rican Colon : 607.040395

Cuban Convertible Peso : 1

Cuban Peso : 26.5

Cape Verdean Escudo : 97.29104

Czech Republic Koruna : 22.762404

Djiboutian Franc : 177.720394

Danish Krone : 6.534404

Dominican Peso : 50.22504

Algerian Dinar : 118.170393

Egyptian Pound : 17.90704

Eritrean Nakfa : 15.000358

Ethiopian Birr : 28.060392

Euro : 0.875615

Fijian Dollar : 2.121504

Falkland Islands Pound : 0.78001

British Pound Sterling : 0.77882

Georgian Lari : 2.64504

Guernsey Pound : 0.779496

Ghanaian Cedi : 4.82039

Gibraltar Pound : 0.78001

Gambian Dalasi : 49.60504

Guinean Franc : 9160.000355

Guatemalan Quetzal : 7.71625

Guyanaese Dollar : 209.180389

Hong Kong Dollar : 7.82935

Honduran Lempira : 24.32504

Croatian Kuna : 6.506404

Haitian Gourde : 72.514504

Hungarian Forint : 281.690388

Indonesian Rupiah : 14546.5

Israeli New Sheqel : 3.705204

Manx pound : 0.779496

Indian Rupee : 71.78504

Iraqi Dinar : 1191

Iranian Rial : 42105.000352

Icelandic Krona : 123.050386

Jersey Pound : 0.779496

Jamaican Dollar : 125.960386

Jordanian Dinar : 0.709504

Japanese Yen : 112.83504

Kenyan Shilling : 102.903804

Kyrgystani Som : 69.840385

Cambodian Riel : 4042.000351

Comorian Franc : 431.650384

North Korean Won : 899.889449

South Korean Won : 1121.530384

Kuwaiti Dinar : 0.30419

Cayman Islands Dollar : 0.833515

Kazakhstani Tenge : 369.740383

Laotian Kip : 8550.000349

Lebanese Pound : 1513.950382

Sri Lankan Rupee : 176.740382

Liberian Dollar : 158.125039

Lesotho Loti : 13.980382

Lithuanian Litas : 2.95274

Latvian Lats : 0.60489

Libyan Dinar : 1.405039

Moroccan Dirham : 9.479039

Moldovan Leu : 17.118039

Malagasy Ariary : 3588.000347

Macedonian Denar : 53.987039

Myanma Kyat : 1602.25038

Mongolian Tugrik : 2570.288334

Macanese Pataca : 8.06835

Mauritanian Ouguiya : 357.000346

Mauritian Rupee : 34.728504

Maldivian Rufiyaa : 15.460378

Malawian Kwacha : 727.180378

Mexican Peso : 20.160804

Malaysian Ringgit : 4.192039

Mozambican Metical : 61.015039

Namibian Dollar : 14.230377

Nigerian Naira : 364.503727

Nicaraguan Cordoba : 32.260377

Norwegian Krone : 8.439904

Nepalese Rupee : 115.040376

New Zealand Dollar : 1.45415

Omani Rial : 0.385005

Panamanian Balboa : 1.00015

Peruvian Nuevo Sol : 3.374904

Papua New Guinean Kina : 3.36225

Philippine Peso : 52.576504

Pakistani Rupee : 134.000342

Polish Zloty : 3.77935

Paraguayan Guarani : 5925.250374

Qatari Rial : 3.64075

Romanian Leu : 4.086404

Serbian Dinar : 103.570373

Russian Ruble : 65.983404

Rwandan Franc : 882.5

Saudi Riyal : 3.751504

Solomon Islands Dollar : 8.23545

Seychellois Rupee : 13.671038

Sudanese Pound : 47.619038

Swedish Krona : 9.004504

Singapore Dollar : 1.372304

Saint Helena Pound : 1.320904

Sierra Leonean Leone : 8400.000339

Somali Shilling : 580.000338

Surinamese Dollar : 7.458038

Sao Tome and Principe Dobra : 21050.59961

Salvadoran Colon : 8.751804

Syrian Pound : 515.000338

Swazi Lilangeni : 14.23037

Thai Baht : 32.85037

Tajikistani Somoni : 9.42455

Turkmenistani Manat : 3.51

Tunisian Dinar : 2.891038

Tongan Paanga : 2.25205

Turkish Lira : 5.331904

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar : 6.72725

New Taiwan Dollar : 30.787504

Tanzanian Shilling : 2306.000336

Ukrainian Hryvnia : 27.955038

Ugandan Shilling : 3737.703631

United States Dollar : 1

Uruguayan Peso : 32.750367

Uzbekistan Som : 8277.503624

Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte : 248567.750366

Vietnamese Dong : 23307

Vanuatu Vatu : 112.601734

Samoan Tala : 2.590935

CFA Franc BEAC : 579.050365

Silver (troy ounce) : 0.069379

Gold (troy ounce) : 0.000819

East Caribbean Dollar : 2.70275

Special Drawing Rights : 0.721632

CFA Franc BCEAO : 584.000332

CFP Franc : 104.9036

Yemeni Rial : 250.375037

South African Rand : 14.005037

Zambian Kwacha (pre-2013) : 9001.203593

Zambian Kwacha : 11.847037

Zimbabwean Dollar : 322.355011 - 2017 - This website is the free currency converter tool where you can convert all currencies to all other currencies.

Have you ever wondered how can the conversion rates among the currencies are so dynamic where you they can change second by second? The foreign exchange market is the where large banks, multinational corporations, financial institutions, and governments participate in highly liquefies market in the world. Today, currency exchange market goes public which widen the participants as the any individuals can access the market of currency conversion through qualified exchange institutions or brokers.

Theoretically, currency conversion is formed by the trading between currencies. The trading is where you buy a certain amount of currency with another type of currency. The trading is purely run on the speculation, there is no certainty. The basic idea is like that you buy a foreign currencies and sell them out in the future when the value is increased by your speculation or expectation. The conversion trading is indeed run by countries, but the results will affect the international currency tradings as the tradings are closed at different time zones. The market of currency exchange last for five days a week, from Monday to Friday.

The currency conversion rates are highly influences the market. The future value of currencies will determine your buying and selling on currencies. As mentioned above the currency rate are changing over the time. It;s important for you to observe and study the trend of change and it;s variables before determining to sell or buy any currencies in order to maximize the profits and minimize the risks or loses.

Even though the market is highly based on speculation but we can trace the factors that affect the conversion rates of currencies. There are economic and political factors of countries that incredibly affect the conversion rates. The corresponding value of foreign currencies fluctuation depend on these factors.

The government's budget is perhaps the first variable that affect the conversion rates of a foreign currency. The countries currency increasing rates can be resulted or projected from the government's budget surplus. The budget surplus can only happen when the country's is exceeding its expenditures. Otherwise, the countries will be at budget stagnant or deficit and more debts, which decrease the currency rates.

The trade levels of a country will affect the currency rates. The surplus of trade which is derived from positive deviation between the higher export rate and lower import rate. The surplus can support the increasing currency values. If the trade level is deficit then the currency value can be weakened. You need to observe the trade level data of countries before deciding to trade certain foreign currencies.

You'll lso need to observe and study the inflation trends of the government. The purchasing power will be certainly reduced that can make the currency value decreasing. At this moment, the banks are expected to increase the interest rates to attract more saving and invests to balance the macro economy of the states. The inflation are not always bad for the conversion rates. However, you should observe the trend of inflation as it will affect the conversion. Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Product(GNP), and other variables are certainly affecting the state's economic growth. The strong economic growth of a state will certainly boost the currency values as the increasing demand of this currency. You need to get updated about those variables before selling or buying any foreign currencies.

Here we go with unexpected and somehow unmeasured variable, political factors. The stability of a state will create positive or negative sentiment from the exchange market. The stability are indicating the power of a country to maintain economic growth, trading, and securing the investments. This power, even though hardly to be measured, will affect the conversion rate of a currency.

Another unmeasured factor is the currency trader's psychology. Beside the rational model of decision making, the traders who are humans, are getting influenced by any rumors, news, or other types of information. Traders tend to buy strong foreign currencies which increase the demand and currency value. Traders will sell those currencies as the get rumored or informed that those currencies' value is increased. Otherwise, when the supplies of the foreign currencies are excessive, the value will decrease along with the conversion rate.

You need to get well informed about the factors mentioned above before trading any foreign currencies. It can be concluded that even though the market is run by speculation, however, the trader determination can be observed, studied, projected even predicted. Of course we can handle factor which beyond the measurement, but we can stand on rational decision making process. Even you're using any brokers, its very important to study on your own about how the markets run. You understanding will help you determine which one currency you want ot buy or sell, or which broker will give you maximum profit and minimum loses.

You can periodically check the conversion rates among the foreign currencies. You can do some simulation while you're learning the trend of certain foreign currencies. For example, USD tends to stable to EURO, it's give you information to consider buy USD or sell your EURO. Foreign exchange is a dynamic source of conversion rates among the foreign currencies. There are many foreign currencies that will give various speculations and calculations. You need an updated currency converter to use any manual simulation of your trading.

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